Gwen on the Go

Inspiring and helping super seniors

(and their carers)

to travel in a wheelchair


Gwen on the Go

Inspiring and helping super seniors (and their carers) to travel in a wheelchair


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Definition: Super Senior


1. Someone over 80 years young, possibly in their 90s, full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination.

2. Despite frailty, physical and/or cognitive impairment, being possibly wheelchair-bound and dependent on support workers and relatives for various care tasks, having a character, attitude, or mood not yet ready to give up on life; embraces living and travel; a positive and spirited life force.


We blog, speak, research, consult to help super seniors and their carers fulfil wanderlust travel dreams.


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How do I take my elderly wheelchair-bound mother or father on travel adventures?

I'm a full-time carer to my parent so how can I still have travel adventures?

How can I get the help I need to realise my super senior travel adventure dreams?

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